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Welcome to Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. We are a third-party debt collection agency located in Buffalo, NY. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc is hired by clients to recover debt that has gone delinquent. You may have previously heard stories about debt collection agencies with unsavory, or shady collection practices. This is not how Eastpoint Recovery Group., Inc operates. When approaching collections, Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. focuses on understanding the unique needs of each customer and working towards a viable solution, together. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc does not believe in the aggressive tactics used by many, less reputable agencies, such as: excessive calling, harassment, yelling, intentionally calling friends, impersonating people etc. While these tactics may sound surprising, there are debt collection agencies that employ them as common practice. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. collects on many types of accounts, including: delinquent credit cards, delinquent retail cards & delinquent loans. We have over 100 years of combined experience at Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. in the collections industry. We often find a few common factors when speaking with customers about their delinquent balances: The first thing is the balance falling behind and being placed with a collection agency like Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc, is not intentional. Many debt collection agencies approach the situation as if there was malice involved. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc, has found that there is almost always an underlying situation that has resulted in the account falling behind and landing with a collection agency. Some of the main reasons are: Loss or reduction in employment, unforeseen housing expenses (plumbing emergency, roof damage etc…), illness, overextended.