How Can Eastpoint Help?


Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. is a collection agency that focuses on debt collection and compliantly helping consumers get out of debt. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. is located in Buffalo, NY and is a woman owned debt collection agency. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. has over 150 years of combined experience in the debt collections industry. At Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., our debt resolution specialists are thoroughly trained and qualified to assist you in resolving your past due debt. We have helped many consumers resolve past due collection accounts for; credit cards, retail cards, loans and more. One of the things that has allowed Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., to become an industry leader in debt collections is dealing with our consumers on a case by case scenario. We understand at Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. that everyone has a unique set of circumstances that may have led to their accounts going to collections or becoming past due. With that being said, we also understand that everyone has access to different resources which can aid them in the process of paying off their collection account. If you have had a collection account assigned to Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., please be assured that we will do our absolute best to help you resolve it!