How Eastpoint Recovery Group Can Help You

At Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., we understand that the stress caused by financial hardship can be overwhelming. That is why we handle each of these situations with compassion. Compliance is also at the forefront of our concerns. Every step of the way, we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible and ultimately help remedy your current situation. If you feel as if you were not treated in line with these guiding principles, we encourage you to reach out! Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., has a compliance department that will review any issues that arise, and will work expeditiously to ensure these issues are addressed, and corrected. The number to reach Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc’s compliance department is, 1-855-849-0959. When reaching out, please be sure to have the representative’s name and nature of the issues. This will help allow Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., to correct these issues as quickly as possible.