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Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: January 1, 2019


By purchasing software, support, or modifications from Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. (“we” or “us”), the customer / client (“you” or “your”) agrees with these Terms and Conditions.


Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. provides and licenses all programs, modifications, materials, and support “as is“. We will make a best effort to assist your needs but we do not warrant the operation of the programs, modifications, materials, and support to be uninterrupted or error-free. Estimates on time and funding required for programs, modifications, materials, and support provided by us are estimates, and such estimates may require modification based on foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. It is your responsibility to perform and manage backups of your data, programs, and all other information both prior to, during, and after, any programs, modifications, materials, and support that is provided by us.

Reporting Issues

You must give proper notification of any defect or issue within 15 days of payment for the programs, modifications, materials, or support in question. All conditions that caused a suspected defect or error to materialize must be fully documented and reproducible.

Remedy Of Issues

If we determine that the defect was the result of, or related to, some action (or lack of action) by you, your lack of complete original specifications, circumstances beyond either of our control, or a need for additional time and/or funding to complete the modification or task beyond the original time and/or funding allocated, the remedy is at our discretion. If you required to provide such additional funding before the remedy is performed by us, if you do not have sufficient additional funding available to remedy the issue, we reserve the right to not implement such remedy.


In any case, the sole obligation of Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., in the event of any defect or malfunction, is to provide programming and technical support, at our discretion, to correct and/or reasonably mediate the defect, under the terms outlined above.


The terms and conditions of this document may change from time to time as needed. By agreeing to this document, you agree to accept future modifications to this document.

Questions Regarding Terms and Conditions

If you have questions or concerns about these terms and conditions or your dealings with us, please contact us by writing to:

Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc.
1738 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 104
Buffalo, NY 14207
ATTN:  Customer Service